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Three Rivers ISD View Details

Pawnee ISD View Details

Pettus ISD View Details

Agua Dulce ISD View Details

San Diego ISD View Details

Ben Bolt ISD View Details

Ramirez ISD View Details

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P.O. Box 17,
Tom Bean, TX 75489

Three Rivers ISD

351 N. School Road,
Three Rivers, TX 78071

Pawnee ISD

6229 FM 798,
Pawnee, TX 78145

Pettus ISD

500 N. May St,
Pettus, TX 78146

Agua Dulce ISD

One Longhorn Drive,
Agua Dulce, TX 78330

San Diego ISD

609 Labbe Ave,
San Diego, TX 78384

Ben Bolt ISD

172 Badger Lane,
Ben Bolt, TX 78342

Ramirez ISD

10492 School St,
Realitos, TX 78378

Benavides ISD

106 W. School St.,
Benavides, TX 78341

Karnes City ISD

518 Hwy 123, Karnes City, TX 78118

Poth ISD

1003 Railroad St., Bldg. B,
Poth, TX 78147

Brownwood ISD

2304 Crockett Dr,
Brownwood, TX 76801

Hamshire-Fannett ISD

11341 Dugat Rd,
Beaumont, TX 77705

Mathis ISD

602 E San Patricio Ave,
Mathis, TX 78368

Marion ISD

295 Sage Brush Pkwy,
Marion, TX 78124

Here’s What our School Districts have to Say

“As a Superintendent, I cannot think of any greater responsibility then the safety of transporting our students. Without a doubt the decision to contract with All Aboard Transportation continues to be the most rewarding and cost effective relationship in our district. The commitment of their staff to both our students and our district goes far beyond the signing of a contract. I can say with the utmost certainty that ‘It doesn’t get any better than All Aboard Schools Transportation’”

– Pawnee Independent School District

“We work with All Aboard Transportation to manage our bus fleet and maintenance fleet. They are lifesavers for our school district! Our district saves more money contracting with All Aboard that we could running our own department. They plan all the routes, employ all the drivers, maintain training requirements, and just handle everything that is related to transportation. All Aboard personnel work closely with our administrators to keep them informed as situations may develop and have just become a great community partner with our district.”

–Three Rivers Independent School District